Stage background solution

1, mainly used in bars, KTV, entertainment, concerts, fashion conference, building walls and other places.

2, live, large, clear game live screen, breaking the seat of the restrictions, so long-distance viewing performance easier, giving the immersive audio-visual feast.

3, wonderful scenes, slow motion playback, close-up, special background environment to create, the performance of the mood to play to.

4, realistic picture and shock the music of the perfect combination, to create a magnificent, very modern scenes.

Stage background LED display program features:

1, high refresh, high gray scale, high-definition high contrast, coupled with the industry's advanced point-by-point correction technology, so that the display screen bright and realistic, suitable for LED display on the stage live demand.

2, easy installation and removal, the real tool without the need for 10 seconds disassembly.

3, video source switching frequently, the system switching powerful, seamless switching.

4, to adapt to the LED stage screen design Screen shape complex, high display compatibility.

5, with the professional audio and video processing equipment, support for any large screen splicing, split.

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