Radio and television media solutions

It is suitable for all the places in the room for the release of text, pictures, video and other information, such as: exhibition hall, sports venues, television studio, station ticket hall, government hall, entertainment stage club, banking, securities, transportation, Electricity, customs, hospitals, parks, airports, stations and other fields.


★ brightness self-tuning: photosensitive control system, according to changes in the surrounding environment automatically adjust the brightness of the display, energy saving;

★ high brush high ash: high refresh rate and high gray, so that LED display screen more realistic;

★ waterproof design: a unique waterproof box design, in line with IP65 protection standards, can be installed directly in the use of outdoor;

★ network control: support network control, compatible with wireless, broadband, 3G network, so that you can control a few cities in the city's display, at any time to change the content you want to play;

★ optical fiber transmission: the use of efficient optical fiber transmission system, effectively reducing the transmission distance is far from the signal delay caused by the phenomenon, to ensure the consistency of the screen play;

★ dual backup system: power and system with a dual backup system, once the failure occurs, you can automatically or manually switch to the standby system, does not affect the normal work of the display;

★ lightning protection device: LED display built-in lightning protection device to prevent the display due to being fired and burned.

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