Quality management

Located in Bao'an District (Shenzhen LED display manufacturers the most intensive place), has a large number of professional R & D technical personnel, is a LED display and LED-related product design, production, sales, engineering as one of the high-tech enterprises, Of the LED display system specializing in the production of one of the enterprises.

I produced the LED display covers the industry almost all products, including: indoor and outdoor full color display, indoor and outdoor single color display, LED lighting and other models of products, a comprehensive through the ISO9001 certification, CE certification, FCC certification , EMC certification and ROHS certification, through the cooperation with the international top technology companies so that our system products to the international advanced level.

In addition, the company successfully launched a full-featured intelligent full-color LED display, the system more humane, basically reached the display automatically run and management. System software features more powerful In addition to the display software required to display the display function, but also increased the intelligent management capabilities, fully embodies the "people-oriented" design trend, has been the user's praise.

Companies with strong supporting the production capacity of raw materials to long-term accumulation of technical experience to the pursuit of excellence in quality to keep up with the pace of technology development, to provide customers with a full range of LED display products and services. The products have been sold to the United States, France, Britain, Spain, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Egypt, Australia, Japan, India, South Korea, (China) Taiwan and throughout the country, the community received the praise.