Commercial advertising solutions

1, we not only provide installation bracket, but also provide a full set of LED display system, which includes: control systems, power (sockets), software, accessories, installation drawings and other services.

2, the box design of the standardization, so that the same box size can be applied to different pixel display requirements, so that LED advertising screen installation more convenient.

3, LED box thinner, lighter, saving transportation costs.

4, a unique waterproof box design, in line with IP65 protection standards, can be installed directly in the use of outdoor.

5, LED display can be used in different climate zones around the world, the use of temperature range of -30 ℃ -60 ℃, our box has a good moisture-proof corrosion resistance, so the product even in the sea high humidity and high salinity Air use.

6, outdoor LED display brightness higher than 6000cd / M2, for different installation environment. In product design, we have been adhering to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection.

7, intelligent environment controller, according to the ambient brightness to adjust the screen brightness.

8, LED display solutions provide remote centralized control management, a monitoring center can be achieved on a number of LED advertising screen control.

9, LED video control system with a dual backup system, in the event of failure, customers can immediately switch to the standby system.

10, the company also provides customers with the relevant maintenance spare parts, all the spare parts are modular design, easy after-sales maintenance.

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