Traffic guidance solution

Application: highway speed limit, road signs, guidelines and other information release.


1, high brightness, in a few hundred meters away from the direct sunlight, poor visibility of the rain and fog weather can still clearly show traffic information, you can high-brightness DIP510 package of LED;

2, can be achieved by point detection function, in the office can check the big screen work;

3, can be achieved remote or wireless information release;

4, intelligent control power, brightness, temperature, humidity and other information;

5, the screen is equipped with intelligent control system to achieve the automatic processing and distribution of traffic information, automatic brightness control, automatic adjustment of temperature and humidity, automatic monitoring and alarm status, and truly all-weather unattended safe operation;

6, the screen built-in lightning protection device to prevent the screen was burned and burned;

7, the screen has a photosensitive control system, according to indoor and outdoor light changes automatically adjust the brightness of the display, will not affect the driver's normal driving, but also energy saving, greatly reducing your operating costs;

8, protection class IP65 above, double back door design.

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