Full color LED display to improve the clarity of the elements

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Full color LED display as advertising, information broadcast the main carrier, in the contemporary, more and more follow the trend of the times. HD video can often bring a more shocking visual experience, the content will be more real show. To achieve high-definition display must have two factors, one source requires full HD, and second, the monitor requirements to support full HD. Full-color LED display is also to the more high-definition display, then, how do we make full-color LED display more clearly, the following, we come to a rough analysis.

First, improve the full color LED display contrast

Contrast is one of the key factors that affect the visual effect, in general, the higher the contrast, the more clear the image, the more vivid colors. High contrast for the image clarity, details of the performance, gray level performance are very helpful. In some black and white contrast text, video display, high contrast full color LED display in black and white contrast, clarity, integrity and other aspects have advantages. Contrast for the dynamic video display effect to be greater, because the dynamic image in the light and dark conversion faster, the higher the contrast, the more easily the human eye to distinguish such a conversion process. In fact, full-color LED display contrast is mainly to improve the brightness of full-color LED display and reduce the screen surface reflectivity, but the brightness is not the higher the better, too high, but will be counterproductive, light pollution has become hot The topic of high brightness will have an impact on the environment and the crowd. Full-color LED display LED panel and LED tube for a special process, you can reduce the LED panel reflectivity, you can also improve the full color LED display contrast.

Second, improve the full color LED display gray scale

Gray scale refers to the full color LED display single color brightness from the darkest to the brightest can distinguish between the brightness level, full color LED display the higher the gray level, the richer the color, the more colorful color; the other hand , Showing a single color, change simple. Improve the gray level, can greatly enhance the color depth, making the image color display level increased the number of geometric. LED gray level control level of 14bit ~ 16bit, making the high-end display products to distinguish the details of the image and display the results have reached the world advanced level. With the development of hardware technology, LED gray level will continue to develop a higher control accuracy.

Third, narrow the full color LED display point spacing

Reduce the dot color of full-color LED display, you can improve its clarity, full-color LED display point spacing is smaller, the screen shows the more delicate. However, this must have mature technology as a core support, the input cost is relatively large, the production of full-color LED display prices are high, but fortunately the market is also moving toward small-pitch LED display development.

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