LED display has become a standard auto show

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Up to 9 days of the 1717 Shanghai International Auto Industry Exhibition has been closed, so that fans get enough, intelligent network, unmanned, VR election, Color Me, AR-HUD rise display, biometric technology, Black technology ", people put it down, to carry out the day before Wang Sicong spent heavily to buy" car ".

As the saying goes: "Every successful show behind the show has an irresponsible display."

Led display can visually impact the audience, auxiliary car show it the most beautiful moment, the same, the show for the LED display rental is a high-end market, is flex its muscles, the two complement each other to form a brand effect. This year's Shanghai auto show is not a "car with beautiful", greeted our eyes, and more is a variety of shapes of LED rental screen, rental display as a leading display industry occupies a great share of the market segments, Chau Ching seize the opportunity, optimistic about the market, improve the product, take the high-end sustainable development of the road. In 2015 to FAW-Volkswagen - Audi "Science and Technology to create the future" as the theme of the Shanghai Auto Show, Chau Ming's subsidiary Reddy R & D "black agate" display as a background, the scene close-up, wonderful scenes and background to create ; Large, ultra-high-definition display screen and the shock of the perfect combination of music, creating a magnificent audio-visual feast.

Mercedes-Benz is 4 times (2013 Shanghai Auto Show, 2012 Beijing International Auto Show, 2012 Shenzhen Auto Show, 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show) hand Abby, common debut at home and abroad first-line brand car exhibition hall. The best always looking for the best, Abisen constant pursuit of technological innovation and Mercedes-Benz as a pioneer in automotive technology innovation brand coincide, as the led display of the experts how to miss the high-end auto market market?

Audi booth design naturally ingenuity, first of all, smooth curve through the entire booth, the lines of the ups and downs of the background wall and the middle oval "blade" shaped large screen complement each other, and Audi car shape smooth and smooth design concept interlinked.

Ford car LED video wall and large 60 square meters of LED display wall and both sides of the blue backdrop together, the entire booth completely surrounded by the Ford "blue" world, magnificent. Second, based on the powerful imaging processing technology, color consistency is particularly good, so that the overall vision to a high degree of coordination and unity.

Volkswagen "fan-shaped" led display and arc-shaped stage complement each other, fan-shaped led large screen occupies the center of the background wall, and its dynamic content to master the entire booth exhibition process rhythm, passing the Volkswagen Although "civilians "But rich in the connotation of the product concept.

Auto show for the led display rental is a meat and potatoes, "fat", more and more large and small car brand "hand" led display, giving the show more vitality. HD full color LED display system as a display carrier, with its high brightness, large size, colorful full, high definition, wide viewing angle is superior to the traditional display device features have been the major car brands of all ages. In the past many high-end auto show, we see the different shapes of the led display has become a beautiful landscape. In order to fully integrate into the design of the brand booth to go, LED also fully demonstrated its changing shape, any splicing characteristics. In addition, the auto show appeared on the arc, ring, spherical and other profiled led display, also attracted the attention of many viewers and attention.

Needless to say, the car brand on the led display of the favor, can make led display leasing field to a higher level. Only this year's Shanghai auto show from 18 countries and regions, more than 1,000 well-known enterprises at home and abroad 1,400 vehicles exhibitors, including the world's first car 113, a show car show there are so many customers, Talked about a year, there are hundreds of high-end auto show. Led display has become the standard auto show, auto show the high-end market, "fat", for the led display rental is undoubtedly "food."

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