From the application of the moon to see the LED transparent screen rental road

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In recent years, with the LED display industry, the expansion of market demand, application areas continue to widen, LED display products also show a diversified development trend. As a result of the rising trend of the LED display industry, LED transparent screen to eye-catching attitude to our vision, especially since this year, adding LED transparent screen R & D enterprises gradually increased from the product structure optimization, to the application of product development, A time LED transparent screen development unstoppable

As we all know, transparent led display is a segment of the LED display industry products, it has a very high permeability, texture and thin, often with the glass curtain wall, glass window with each other. It is stylish and beautiful design, very modern and technology atmosphere, especially for the construction of the glass curtain wall, glass window, space design and other fields. Its development to meet a new market demand, the success of creating a new way of outdoor media transmission. But with the current development of the digital dance market, the demand for innovative products show the urgent demand, LED transparent screen also began to move to the stage, but also opened the LED transparent screen rental road.

LED transparent screen break through the traditional style, creating a sense of digital dance space

In recent years, we began to see some large-scale digital dance concerts and other places appeared in the LED transparent screen figure, such as China access to the Internet 22 years theme party, Hangzhou G20 summit, to the days of Faye Wong "Fantasy" concert And so on, through the LED transparent screen to create a space art effect, the dream of the mood presented in front of the audience, but also attracted a lot of digital choreographers eye, let us see the LED transparent screen in the field of digital dance applications space.

In particular, the current development of modern society, stage art need to break through the traditional stage style, to a greater living space, that is, large-scale performing arts activities. Large-scale performing arts activities, in particular, need to fully demonstrate high-tech factors, once involved in the art territory, will greatly change the audience to enjoy the habit of regular, expand the space for art show, adjust people's aesthetic values. The emergence of LED transparent screen, is in line with the current digital dance for the realization of virtual reality visual space needs.

As we all know, the traditional led display are used in a closed box design, rectangular unit combination, pixel resolution (LED bubble arrangement density) are to a great extent dampen the designer's creative passion and creative potential. It is understood that the traditional LED screen in the space and lift the technology has been relatively mature, but its layout of the lighting design more restrictions. Box set, to the light installation location is extremely limited, so the stage will be the lack of atmosphere of light, ambient light, so that the stage will lack the atmosphere of the scene, it is difficult to show the perfect stage effect.

China Central Digital digital designer Chen Xiaolin has said: "led display two-dimensional visual space and the scene of the real space is a conflict. Its sheet structure of the occlusion characteristics, and the scene of the space to create a design constraints . To overcome this limitation is the designer is difficult to avoid the subject. "To this end, came into being LED transparent display greatly make up for the lack of traditional LED screen this part. LED transparent display can be built according to the diversification of the stage shape, the screen patchwork of the suspension, the performance of the overall depth of the stage frame, the use of the screen itself is transparent, light, bright color characteristics, resulting in a strong perspective effect, so that the whole picture Depth of field. At the same time do not hinder the stage design leaving the light suspension and play space, to the whole stage rendering a certain atmosphere and dynamic, more able to express the theme.

In addition, after careful processing of the screen video, LED transparent display using a unique screen technology and screen body transparent features, composed of three-dimensional realistic, virtual ideal space, multi-screen display, so that the space of the image movement, so that Stage effects enhance the sense of hierarchy, sporty, will greatly improve the performance of the program, so that the LED screen with the real scene seamless, and the traditional led display two-dimensional screen effect contrast, showing a three-dimensional three-dimensional sense of reality and realism, Visual effects shock, in the visual continue to bring new ideas to the audience at the same time so that the audience immersive, so that the stage is consistent with the traditional aesthetic concept, both from the short-range perspective is very real, showing a perfect stage effect.

Can not be set, by virtue of the display characteristics of the product, as well as the current digital dance aesthetic needs, LED transparent screen in the field of digital dance applications will be a certain development. But can not ignore itself in the digital dance application there are some limitations, such as its own display of clarity, and its transparent characteristics caused by the limitations of the scene. Therefore, the current LED transparent screen and can not replace the original led display in the role of digital choreography applications, more or in a match or some specific stage settings will choose LED transparent screen.

LED transparent screen rental road, still long way to go

In recent years, in the national economic development environment, the national cultural performing arts entertainment is also the continuous development of: various types of meetings, wedding market, film and television entertainment, art show, these activities on the demand for led display is increasing, led display The rental market will also flourish, and in view of the application in the field of digital dance, we can see a part of the LED transparent screen rental road, but this road still need LED transparent screen business.

As we all know, the application of the rental display products need to have a light weight, thin structure, there are hoisting and quick installation function, so as to meet the requirements of the installation of the rapid installation of the demolition of handling requirements; easy loading and unloading, easy operation, the whole screen loading and unloading fast bolts And connection, can be accurate and fast frame and split screen, and can fight different shapes to meet the requirements of the scene; unique process: unique welding process optimization of the structural design, to avoid frequent handling of electronic products caused by poor contact The fault scene and other conditions. At present, the industry has a number of LED transparent screen production enterprises in the product installation structure on the optimization, such as fast lock design, LED transparent screen can be quickly installed, fast. And LED transparent screen itself is light weight, suitable for separate disassembly and replacement, to meet the current rental market for the rapid installation of the demand, but the product protection remains to be resolved.

It is understood that, because the LED transparent light of the lamp beads are exposed to the outside, in the handling process, it is easy to damage, the industry generally use plexiglass to do the protection, but this material itself is more brittle, and in the plexiglass plate interval There will be a white line, which is the current LED transparent screen need to think of ways to solve the problem. In addition, the LED transparent display on the market side of the luminous LED lamp beads is not common, consistency and stability is poor, resulting in higher production costs, aftermarket is also more trouble. So LED transparent screen after-sales service, product maintenance convenience and product reliability is also the need to solve the problem.

At the same time, the current market is still custom-based LED transparent screen, the product price is generally high, for the leasing of the application market has some limitations. Shenzhen City, a photoelectric Co., Ltd. terminal business director Feng Tianqi also said that the current LED transparent screen is a big problem is the customization of the problem, the market more customized products, less, customized product production cycle is relatively long , Which includes the development of the link, its production to put into use is not as fast as the current product, large-scale production more difficult. This also determines the LED transparent screen is currently more suitable for high-end rental market, through customization to meet the specific needs of specific customers, such as large-scale concerts, weddings and auto show. In addition, the current market, most of the LED transparent screen brightness can not fully meet the requirements of the whole outdoor environment, indoor installation is outdoor display semi-outdoor display products, and therefore limited the outdoor rental market applications.

Of course, we also believe that any technical limitations are a temporary problem, the future with the LED transparent screen technology continues to improve, LED transparent screen rental road or will achieve greater development space.

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