Shaped display - one of the main colors of the future LED display

Source: LED profiled screen Time: 2017-06-01 Reading: 1128

In the dim light, the brilliant light and shadow changes staggered, accompanied by roaring music, shaped LED display with colorful display, flexible picture performance, delicate and clear visual effects, so that the wonderful picture effect The most vividly show. For people in the intense work of the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, enjoy the music, wine and unrestrained interpersonal exchanges brought endless fun.

Now in the LED display market, consumers in addition to the traditional role of information display, the appearance of the requirements are further improved, and the birth of special-shaped LED display can meet their requirements. Shaped screen as a relatively new form of presentation, has its unique display charm, there will be more and more people to recognize its superiority in the display. Coupled with product diversification to meet the individual needs of customers, has been more and more users of the special-shaped screen recognition, which is LED special-shaped screen into the mass market is an indispensable factor.

Compared to the traditional display, it is the biggest feature is better able to adapt to the overall structure of the building and the environment, and the screen size and size can be customized in accordance with the requirements. Compared to conventional LED display, LED profiled screen bias in the special needs of users, the main application in the performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition hall and other environments.

In the past a long period of time, LED profiled screen are the traditional rectangular plane module assembled or wrapped to achieve, the most common LED profiled screen is the arc of the curved screen and flat circular screen. In the display arc is very small, the display form is more complex circumstances, it is not a good solution to patchwork and flatness, resulting in inconsistent display display, mosaic and other issues, making the overall poor display.

As the LED profiled screen looks different, different structure, and thus the technical requirements of the manufacturers are more stringent. If the manufacturers of technology, however, stitch out of the LED screen will be due to patchwork gap is too large, splicing surface is not continuous caused by the appearance of uneven and many other issues, thus affecting the viewing effect, undermine the overall design of beauty. And more importantly, LED contour screen circuit and the structure of the complex design, installation is also relatively high, the manufacturer's research and development capabilities and installation accuracy made a very high demand.

In view of this problem, the visual optoelectronics specially developed triangular, trapezoidal, round, parallel quadrilateral and other special-shaped module, you can fight into a wave screen, fan-shaped screen, curved screen, round screen, tapered screen, Diamond-shaped screen, diamond screen and other shapes, rules or irregular geometric LED display. And set up a full by the line of technical elite, composed of professional construction team. In order to ensure that the project can be fully designed in accordance with the design drawings to achieve the desired design results.

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