Colorful scene, LED display stage screen portrait interpretation

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With the LED display system technology to improve, LED display in the stage background, special effects can show the effect has been more and more guided by the director and use. With the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, 2011 Shenzhen Universiade, 2011 Spring Festival Evening and other major events when the ultra-large-scale LED display effects applications, large scenes big screen shock effect so that the stage actors and the audience into one, so that the audience Pro. To bring you shock at the same time, we are confused, so perfect stage LED display effects is how to achieve?

Stage LED display function:

1, live, large, clear game live screen, breaking the seat of the restrictions, so that long-distance viewing performance easier, giving people immersive audio-visual feast;

2, wonderful scenes, slow motion playback, close-up, special background environment to create, the mood to play to play to;

3, realistic picture and shock the music of the perfect combination, to create a magnificent, very modern scenes;

Stage LED display features

High resolution and high pixel density, true reproduction of high-definition images;

With a high refresh rate and high gray, so that the LED display the screen more realistic, to meet the commercial high visual quality requirements to meet the needs of different occasions, shooting, effectively avoid the shooting when the flicker;

With a photosensitive control system, according to indoor and outdoor light changes automatically adjust the brightness of the display, both energy saving, greatly reducing your operating costs, but also make the audience easier to accept;

With brightness, color point by point correction function, so that the LED display screen richer, to meet the commercial use of high visual quality requirements; and can be different batches of the screen body mixed use;

High-quality air-level connector: power and signal cable plugs, socket with high reliability, good connectivity, high resistance to plug, plug easy and quick; parts common, easy to identify the exchange;

Ultra-thin high-precision box: 65mm, die-casting aluminum box with CNC finishing, the size of the tolerance is less than 0.2mm, with a special shading design to ensure seamless and seamless between the box, standardized design, can be assembled, Beautiful;

Sophisticated hanging and side lock components: box interconnection components of high strength, not easy to deformation, accurate position, can be seamless stitching, easy disassembly, saving labor costs;

Product launch has a low-power solution, the display can be run than the original energy-saving 1/3, further greatly reducing your operating costs;

Equipped with professional audio and video processing system to support a variety of signal processing on the stage, from the signal processing to ensure the quality, making high-fidelity image signal possible, can be achieved live;

Equipped with a variety of air box, easy to store and transport the box, and LED display played a very good protection;

Outdoor models waterproof effect, with IP65 protection level, suitable for use in the outdoor environment;

According to customer requirements and on-site environment, tailored to the most appropriate LED display solution;

Stage LED display solution

Stage LED display can be a picture cut into multiple video screen broadcast, the display can be independent, combined, any combination of play with the use of large background, large screen can be displayed according to the needs of the partition, and graphics can be superimposed , The background screen with the video signal processor to play or synthesize the same screen display, can be close-up characters play, can do text scroll play, or play broadcast, you can level the video screen screen can also be up and down into text, personalized video screen, bright The landscaping stage and the stage floor, through the software design and system control to meet the other requirements of the owners. Equipped with a professional audio and video processing system to support a variety of signal processing on the stage, from the signal processing to ensure the quality, making the playback of high-fidelity image signal possible.

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