Through the performance to identify the LED display quality

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We have to understand the function of the display screen, a display with excellent display also need to have good performance can be regarded as high-quality display, we mainly through the following aspects to identify its performance.

1, pixel out of control point (warranty period)

Pixels out of control point points and often bright spots, the picture shows the industry as a standard level:

With the birth of a small spacing screen, the industry standard can not be applied to a small pitch, the standard should be higher, the out of control rate should be controlled below 1X10-5.

2, protection level and safety

Protection level is mainly waterproof and dust two aspects, the IP value of the greater protection level higher, the picture shows the industry standard:

The safety is mainly reflected in the leakage current, the value of the value of X1 in the amount of X1 under the conditions of the leakage current ≤ 3.5mA; Second, the electrical strength, in the 1,500V, 1min test conditions without insulation breakdown.

3, energy consumption and energy efficiency

In order to reduce the power consumption of the display, improve the effective utilization of energy, thereby reducing the temperature of the display to extend its service life, the temperature dropped 10 ℃, the product life doubled, mainly in the following areas to achieve:

1. Low Vf value LED

2. Low Vds constant current driver IC

3. Low impedance PCB design

4. Module operating voltage 4.2V 3.8V

5. Switching power supply PFC ≥ 0.95 conversion efficiency (≥ 0.85)

4, reliability

A display even if its display and then excellent, if its reliability is not high, unstable failure rate is high, then the quality of this display is very low, in order to improve its reliability mainly from the following aspects:

1. Material selection: material analysis

2. Thermal design: heat dissipation, heat distribution

3. Redundant: switching power supply, controller, PCB line

4. Material tolerance: the remaining 20%

5. Reliability simulation verification test: life, certification

Through the above from the product features and performance of the two aspects of the detailed study, when we watch a display again, we know from which aspects to identify the quality level, so as to achieve the purpose of choosing their own cost-effective products.

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