LED profiled screen application talk about the advantage lies in its high "value"

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LED display is in a high-speed development and growth of the rise of the stage, now LED display market has shown great changes, in addition to the traditional role of information display, the appearance of the requirements are further improved to make it better To adapt to the overall structure of the environment and the use of requirements, followed by LED shaped display.

LED profiled screen on the R & D capability and production process requirements are higher

Compared to conventional LED display, LED shaped display more attention to the structure of the breakthrough. At present, LED special-shaped screen modules are fan-shaped, curved, round and cylindrical, triangular and other structural forms. Compared to conventional LED display, LED profiled screen bias in the special needs of users, the main application in the performing arts venues, outdoor media, exhibition hall and other environments. As the LED profiled screen looks different, different structure, and thus the technical requirements of the manufacturers are more stringent. If the manufacturers of technology, however, stitch out of the LED screen will be due to patchwork gap is too large, splicing surface is not continuous caused by the appearance of uneven and many other issues, thus affecting the viewing effect, undermine the overall design of beauty. And more importantly, LED profiled screen circuit and the structure of the complex design of the R & D capabilities of the manufacturers made a very high demand.

The appearance of special-shaped module to LED heterosexual screen has a better modeling ability

In the past a long period of time, LED profiled screen are the traditional rectangular plane module assembled or wrapped to achieve, the most common LED profiled screen is the arc of the curved screen and flat circular screen. In the display arc is very small, the display form is more complex circumstances, it is not a good solution to patchwork and flatness, resulting in inconsistent display display, mosaic and other issues, making the overall poor display. In view of this problem, there are manufacturers developed triangular, trapezoidal and other special-shaped module, you can fight into a spherical, diamond-shaped, stone-shaped, star and other rules or irregular geometric LED display.

Classification of LED shaped display

LED shaped screen is in the LED display on the basis of the transformation of the special shape of the LED display, different from the conventional LED display rectangular, flat plate shape, its shape varies, there are arcs, curved surface, paraxial hexahedron, Letters and other irregular shapes. To shape the distinction, LED profiled screen generally have the following categories:

(1) arc-shaped display

The display surface is a part of the cylindrical surface with its expansion as a rectangle.

(2) irregular shape display

The display surface is an irregular plane, such as a circle, a triangle, or a completely irregular plane.

(3) surface display

The display surface is a three-dimensional surface, such as a spherical screen, a polyhedral screen, and a sky.

(4) screen screen

The display surface of the display panel is composed of several root display bars, and the display screen spacing is larger, the permeability is higher and the contrast is lower.

LED spherical screen

LED spherical screen 360 ° full viewing angle, all-round playback of video, any angle can feel good visual effects, no plane perspective problems. At the same time it can also be spherical objects such as the Earth, football and other direct impact on the display, people feel vivid, widely used in museums, science and technology museum, exhibition hall.

Currently on the market of the spherical screen has the following three:

1, watermelon ball screen: the earliest appearance of the ball screen, commonly known as watermelon leather screen, which consists of watermelon skin-like PCB, and its advantages are easy to produce, PCB types are less, lower threshold, popular faster, The disadvantage is the north and south diodes (or north latitude 45 ° north latitude 45 ° south) can not play the image, so the picture utilization is too low.

2, the triangle screen: flat triangular PCB composed of the screen, commonly known as football screen, it overcomes the watermelon ball screen north and south pole can not play the shortcomings of the picture, the screen utilization greatly improved. The disadvantage is that PCB types are more, by the pixel is the arrangement of the honeycomb-shaped restrictions can not be less than 8.5mm spacing, but also the preparation of the software is also more trouble to enter the technical threshold is too high.

3, six panoramic panoramic screen: is the recent emergence of the quadrilateral PCB composition of the screen, was called six-sided screen. It's the type of PCB board is also less than the football screen. The entry threshold is relatively low, the layout is closer to the flat LED display, the minimum point spacing and flat LED display similar to the restrictions are not large or almost no limit, so the effect is more than the triangle PCB composition is much better. In the physical size of the entire screen by the 24 size of the same spherical composition. It can be put into the air box, disassembly is very convenient, easy to use leasing business. On the play, it divides a ball screen into 6 identical screens, ie, up, down, left, right, front and back. Of course, you can also software, alone or in conjunction to play a different video source. So it's playing the effect is much better than the watermelon leather screen and football screen.

LED signs

LED signs with different specifications of the special combination of LED modules assembled, not limited by the size of the screen body, you can flexibly assembled into any customer needs text, graphics and LOGO, etc., used in building roof, well-known enterprises, banking securities, municipal Construction, landmark construction, etc., can enhance the business value of the enterprise.

LED DJ Taiwan this two years, LED DJ Taiwan to become some of the top bars and nightclubs standard. LED DJ Taiwan and DJ with the most dazzling effect, so that the perfect mix of music and vision.

Through the customization of the video, DJ Taiwan and LED Beijing big screen integration, you can play independently, you can combine large-screen playback, you can also superimposed play, so that the stage more layered.

LED Rubik's cube

LED cube is usually composed of six LED surface combination of cubes, but also profiled stitching for geometric modeling, between the surface and the realization of the smallest gap between the perfect connection. Can be seen at any angle around, from the traditional flat screen display, suitable for installation in the bar, hotel or commercial real estate atrium position, to give the audience a new visual experience.

LED shaped screen display, breaking the big screen splicing system can only be spliced into a cold rectangular shape, it can be seamlessly spliced into a variety of irregular shapes to show some very creative content, not only the first time to attract the audience Eyeballs to achieve better publicity, but also better expand the application of LED display splicing.

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