The most comprehensive LED display application area of the large inventory

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LED display products currently enter the Chinese market only 20 years of history, but the market has a very good response, reflecting the huge demand.

The broad demand for LED displays is mainly due to its high-definition color display screen, super three-dimensional, static, such as oil painting and moving if the film characteristics, and its ability to broadly combined with intelligent devices to quickly occupy the production of some areas of life, and Began to attack more areas. So, LED display is applied in which areas? What areas will the future develop?

Look at the following inventory:

First, the outdoor advertising market

1. Street advertising bar. Outdoor advertising is the main battlefield of LED display, and as advertisers pay more and more attention to the feelings of the audience, small spacing LED display, intelligent advertising and other products to promote the use of LED products to dominate the forefront of outdoor advertising market.

Gas station Gas station has a coverage area advertising, audience size and the audience better economic conditions advantage, which is destined to bring the LED screen through the marketing value is greater, it will be more able to meet the needs of advertisers, the future gas station will be LED The display industry is a promising market.

3. Community media. Community LED display can be synchronized by the central platform software network, you can real-time rolling broadcast weather, urban emergency information, public service ads, commercial advertising, life services and other community life information to the residents to provide convenient, but also the dissemination of valuable information. With the technology mature and further decline in prices, LED display in the community media applications are more and more.

4. Building curtain wall. According to statistics, the total area of China's modern glass curtain wall has more than 70 million square meters, and such a huge glass curtain wall is a huge potential market for outdoor media advertising, and with the construction of media technology legs, which will be LED Display a breakthrough in the market a new blue ocean.

Second, the show stage market

Stage LED display to show the stage to achieve gorgeous dynamic, while allowing long-distance audience to watch the stage, for the show by color. And with a variety of small performances and large-scale concert continues to increase, LED display will also have a broad market.

2. Hotel rental. In recent years the hotel industry has a clear trend, that is, more and more meetings, so LED display rental market has begun to hot, and even some star hotel to consider the installation of fixed LED display.

3. Bar \ KTV. LED profiled screen in the bar application, from the initial design to the LED display stage and the perfect combination of light, and then to a variety of profiled screen popular, has become a market segment can not be ignored. Product Representative: LED DJ Taiwan.

4. Playground. With the hot tourism, in the theme parks, amusement parks and other public places of play also began to use LED display as a display of various information devices, so it is expected to become the first choice for display of these places.

Third, "wisdom" society

1. Smart City. In the field of intelligent city construction, public safety, transportation, people's livelihood and so on are closely related to the use of LED display, which will also promote its high-speed development and popularization of the market.

2. Video conference. Video conferencing system display terminal favored small pitch LED display, not only the practical application of the inevitable demand, but also enterprises through hardware facilities to enhance the image of the inevitable.

3. Wisdom factory. In the manufacturing plant network, LED small pitch display technology from the assembly line, the workshop, has been deployed to the headquarters system. At the same time modern LED small pitch display technology can provide 3D virtual simulation line display and interactive control. Therefore, the wisdom of the factory will become a small LED display enterprises to open up a new field.

It can be seen, LED display equipment has ushered in a new market outbreak period, the entire industry market will become more prosperous.

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