Hard Candy company on the 4s phone shell

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Has been very emotional, like to say comic Luo Yonghao, in the face of copyright issues in September served a soft. In the near future, the hammer nuts mobile phone conference, the old Luo said the nuts launched a limited edition shell, this series will contain the classic image Mario. And on September 6, Luo Yonghao personal public account issued a document to cancel the nuts customized custom limited edition "Super Mario" after the shell. The reason is very simple, Mario image of the copyright side of the paradise said: is not in the "China" to do any similar authorization. In this regard, Luo Yonghao very reluctantly responded: "You can understand." Of course, this helpless, there are Luo Yonghao selling feelings show success of the joy of gimmicks, but also its inability to change the "mobile phone shell" this individual selling point of the overall situation of frustration. Mobile phone shell is a very personal presence August 25 at the press conference, Luo Yonghao said the future will be launched every year limited edition nuts after the shell, naked counterattack ridicule - I was selling feelings, against you bite me. "Feelings + phone shell" In fact, has become a helpless Luo Yonghao. In the highly criticized hammer mobile phone, Luo Yonghao understand, rely on the conference on the crosstalk, or published on the network are not a few words have been raised, has been unable to boost a content in fact only Andrews deformation version, in the Hardware and other brands on the phone from the difference. In fact, this is all Andrews mobile phone manufacturers common dilemma, no new features, alone, the price of shopping has been difficult to sustain There is a joke is so ridicule: In addition to the size and the pixels are not consistent, basically in the street to distinguish a phone, can only rely on Logo, but in the final analysis, the streets are both Apple and Andrews Bale. To this end, Luo Yonghao division out of the Jones, want to break from the edge of the phone shell. Feelings = phone shell, in fact, not difficult to understand. Because advocating personalized smart phone users seem to let their mobile phone out of the "arcade", highlighting the different oneself, the most cost-saving way, that is, add a "not the same" phone shell. Limited edition nuts after the shell, in fact, Luo Yonghao "near the wealthy" feelings of play, the user can find their own preferences in their own mobile phone, although each limited edition of the back shell of the radiation may be small groups, but accumulated in the Together, is also a good sales. Not to mention the back shell is only a nutty mobile phone can use the customized version. Interestingly, at the end of August nuts mobile phone release date, Luo Yonghao also fell into another copyright battle, which issued a "beautiful not like the strength of" series of posters for the new machine rally, and one of them appeared As a spokesman for the Samsung mobile phone Gao Xiaosong head, triggering the release of microblogging dissatisfaction with each other. Gao Xiaosong more in microblogging accused: "This is a serious damage to the credibility of others how low business is done? Do not explain this is temporary workers or friends spontaneous behavior, where users come so standard product logo?

The reason for this problem, mainly lies in the sale of a single mobile phone, Apple occupies an absolute advantage, and the mainstream back shell size, but also five or six, and Andrews are the size of different sizes, a single mobile phone sales are low, Mobile phone manufacturers for those who only one million sales of mobile phones to provide accessories demand is also a lot of natural decline, let alone personalized. Luo Yonghao obviously spotted this opportunity, that is, a large number of Andrews machine users can not achieve the case of the back shell of the individual, so try the water situation version of the back shell, while some notice through the copyright incident, the future can also be used to combat piracy The way to continue to release the topic. This and millet before the sense of participation in marketing, similar work. Moreover, the phone itself is a backpack itself is not much better than the phone business. Apple mobile phone shell, for example, in 2013, the well-known mobile phone brand Mestiere Deas had launched a iPhone5 international limited edition diamond chassis, the cheapest also 58,000 yuan, which is more than ten times the price of iPhone5. Mobile phone shell may be represented by Luo Yonghao, need to break through the localization of mobile phone manufacturers are one of the path of innovation. In South Korea, this exploration has already begun, South Korean actor Park Shih-hou, Wu order, even in 2012, has been to the phone shell to do the spokesperson. However, once this seemingly sidelined field to achieve economies of scale, the copyright disputes behind it will also immediately expand. The next copyright war of the gunpowder mobile phone back shell, seemingly low profit, in fact, has been in the copyright war field of vision. The most typical case is the BlackBerry in January 2014 to the Northern District of California District Court to prosecute Typo infringement of its patent, because Typo for the iPhone 5 / 5s designed a similar BlackBerry full-size keyboard on the phone shell, "Hello Kitty" registered trademark mobile phone shell products to investigate and deal with the situation; in March 2015, Hangzhou Customs in Wenzhou Longwan Airport International entry without declaration of four passengers to check the luggage items, seized more than 1,200 cases of alleged infringement Mobile phone case sets, shell sets with "iphone" English letters and Apple logo logo. But on the other hand, although mainly for Apple products, mobile phone shell custom market is also growing. As early as 2012, there are media reports that every time before and after the Apple new conference, there are a large number of mobile phone manufacturers in the forecast size and pre-shop production line, and even "mobile phone layout shop slow one or two days out" , Many of them domestic manufacturers. Want to let Apple mobile phone users get the phone in the first time will be able to get favorite phone shell, which is actually business opportunities. The United States, "Baltimore Sun" also reported that: in 2011, Hard Candy company on the 4s phone shell prefabricated on the wrong: $ 50,000 in vain. Obviously, when Apple is no longer the "preferred phone, no one", more Android phones began to rise when, whether manufacturers, or accessories, to tap the user feel more personalized phone shell market, even if only A long tail, but also benefit from. Moreover, now the phone shell has become a domestic smart phone break through the new road, there are copyright stick to beat competitors, not only access to hot topics, but also gain more advocate personality of the new generation of mobile phone users of all ages. This may be in the mobile phone ontology without subversive innovation in the background, the most wonderful irony. Published in the Journal of Corporate Law in October 2015

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